Finding Your Outlet to Un-Plug by Lauren Shirreffs

Written by Diana Perkovic


Posted on November 21 2019

We have found ways to maximize our days, increase our efficiency, and multitask our approaches to activities.  

But as important as it is to energetically approach our goals and tasks, it is equally as important to find ways to unplug, recharge, and get re-inspired.  

Much like our phones, we are buzzing, interactive, computable and for the most part, always on.  Unlike our phones, we work best when we can find our recharge through un-plugging.  Learning to unplug can be a daunting task when you have become accustomed to "not resting until" you reach that next goal, "not resting until" you finish that last errand, "not resting until"... until it's too late, and quite frankly, you are exhausted.

Relaxing, unplugging, or finding time for yourself is not always as easy as it sounds. Sometimes taking time away from your day to focus on literally, nothing, can bring up anxiety and guilt.  

Here are 3 tips to starting to become more comfortable with Un-Plugging:

1. Start off Small - Take 5 minutes each day to break away, un-focus, and just be present.  Then 10-minutes, then 15-minutes.  Until you get into a rhythm each day that sets aside time for you.  This can mean meditation, or this can mean sitting by a window with a coffee, or going for a walk at lunch. Each day you can add a few minutes until you have made the sufficient amount of break-away time for yourself in the day needed to feel centered and fulfilled.

2. It Doesn't Have to be a GRAND Gesture - Sometimes we just don't have time for that yoga class, and that's okay.  Oftentimes, just taking the long way home to unplug while driving and listening to music, or dozing off on the subway, can be that mental break that works to bring back the energy when you are feeling a bit depleted. Throw on your favourite song, sing loudly, and set your phone aside. 

3. Call a Friend - Reconnecting with friends and loved ones is a nice way to catch up, and also a great way to turn your attention away from regular scheduling.  Often times just that lift from a friends voice, laughter, and involvement in their life, can give you the break you need to refocus and lift your spirits.

Life can sometimes leave you feeling like there is no time, but it is up to you to take control and make the time. If just for a few minutes, take the time you, for your mental health and your body, to rest, regroup, and re-energize with these simple easy tips.

Lauren is the Founder & CEO of digital & creative agency, 2Social, providing premier services for her innovative client base. Her passion is in the exploration of social media and the digital landscape, and using creative ways to share and scale positive messages to uplift communities globally. With a former career in fitness & health, Lauren has a strong fondness for mindfulness, active living, health and wellness and explores ways to continue to integrate this into a busy entrepreneurial lifestyle. 



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