Podcast: How to Create a 2020 Vision for Your Life in 2020 with Ryan Haddon, Part 2

Written by Diana Perkovic


Posted on January 12 2020

It's 2020 and January is all about creating a 2020 Vision for your life here at GGM.

What is a clear 2020 vision?  Why do you need it?  And perhaps most important, how do you create a 2020 vision for the year?

This is the second part of a 2-Part-Series with guest Ryan Haddon.  She is a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Mentor & Meditation Teacher, and she’s here to answer those questions.  Some of you may have already discovered Ryan through Poosh, like I did.  I’ve enlisted Ryan’s help because she has found her life purpose through service to others by meeting her clients right where they are in their process, gently urging them to move closer to who they were always meant to be.  Who were you always meant to be?  Today, we all get to be Ryan’s clients.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

In this week's Part 2 of 2 with Ryan, you will learn:

  • how to go about creating our 2020 vision

  • how to stick with it

  • how to support yourself to win

  • the importance of creating a climate of coaching ourselves through

Click here to listen to the podcast.

And if you missed Part 1, click here to listen now. 




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