Cardi B

Written by Diana Perkovic


Posted on February 12 2019

I have a soft spot for young, newly minted celebrities.

I imagine it as a moment that can never be duplicated.  They 'made it'.  All of the hard work, dedication and sacrifice has paid off.  Sunday night's Grammy Awards was a showcase for some of the new women of the music industry.

Dua Lipa won Best Dance Record, while Kacey Musgraves nabbed the highly coveted Album of the Year award.  Another big winner was Cardi B.  The newly minted 26 year old rap star and pop culture phenom, became the first woman to take home the Grammy for Best Rap Album.  

Cardi B was clearly overcome with joy at her win.  You could see it was an almost surreal moment for her.  She was speechless and when she finally managed to speak, it was from the heart. She brought me to tears.  Her emotion made me feel overcome with joy for her.  She clearly understood the moment in real time and it showed.   

If you didn't see Cardi's acceptance speech, it is SO worth a watch now. 

I was so happy for her.  Who wouldn't be? 

Sadly, some people weren't and her moment was short lived.  In a now-deleted Instagram Post, less than 24 hours after her Grammy win, Cardi was on the defense.  

Or was if offense?

You can decide for yourself by clicking the article from our friends at Daily Mail below.  The deleted instagram posts are also included.


My take?  Cardi B is going on the offense to defend herself and all of her hard work.  And I say, good for her.  She's right.  Last year she was 'robbed' of a Grammy.  But this year, there's a 'problem' with her Grammy Win?  She details the grueling work behind the Invasion of Privacy album while pregnant. She discloses she suffered from a nose so stuffy that the songs couldn't make it on the album.  She had to rush through production to finish songs so she could shoot the videos.  She was also told her career was OVER because of the pregnancy...the list goes on.

In one of my favorite clips, Cardi says, 

"You know what, it's not my style for people to put other people down to uplift somebody else.  That's not my style and that's not what I'm with and I don't support that, however I've been taking a lot of shit today.  I'm seeing a lot of bullshit today and I saw a lot of shit last night and I'm sick of this shit.  I worked hard for my motherf***ing album."

Cardi, we like your style.  

I commend Cardi B for being brave enough and bold enough to turn the tables.  

Newly minted stars are darlings of the moment, seemingly achieving all they hoped for.  They have not yet been chewed up and spit out.  

One look at Cardi, I would think twice about trying that shit with her.




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