You may know Diana as a TV Personality, where she interviewed stars like Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Susan Lucci and hosted live concerts with Mary J Blige, Josh Turner and Jewel. She did this for over 10 years—live, unscripted and broadcasted into 100 million homes. Diana’s viewers loved her, calling her credible, natural and often hilarious. She’s always made it a point to never take herself too seriously so it makes it easy for Diana to have a good time, and share that same energy with her viewers. Now, Diana would like to share that energy with you - because your empowerment journey shouldn't feel like a heavy burden.

Diana accomplished her dream to work on television, but still woke up unfulfilled and deeply unsatisfied with life - she knew she was made for more. Diana felt like a cliché;  she looked like she had it all, but felt stuck and totally disempowered. It took the passing of her father to shake her to her core to finally pivot and make major life changes. She decided to take her power back. In the span of one year, Diana buried her father, left her marriage and career behind her and moved cross-country. Next came the creation of Good Girl Mafia, a leading encouragement, empowerment & entertainment company for women. Diana knows firsthand how bumpy the road to empowerment can be. She created The Good Girl Mafia Empowerment Bootcamp, a step-by-step system with proven techniques to make that journey fast and relatively painless - this is precisely what her clients tell her. And it's the complete opposite of her experience. As a trained Empowerment Coach, Diana is certified as a Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner, Motivational Coach, Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach and holds two Life Coach Certifications. She works to tactically calibrate your current empowerment position and guides you to grow maximum empowerment to become the version of you that you see in your mind and live your best life! If you know you were made for more, you've come to the right place.

How did you become an Empowerment Coach?

In 2012 my father passed away from cancer, which was a huge wake up call for me. The night he passed away we had the best conversations we’d ever had. I began to see that my life needed to change. It felt like an internal awakening. That night changed the trajectory of my life. After he passed I flew back to Florida and jumped right back into work. At the time I was a television personality, and I was internally grieving while having to play an upbeat persona on camera. It was a roller coaster - a daily climb to a peak, only to plummet downward into feelings of grief, defeat and devastation. All I wanted to do was cry during the grieving process, to take the time to mourn. However due to my career, I was unable to take the space I needed to process my father’s death. I was physically and emotionally exhausted, but had no idea what steps I needed to take to move myself out of this space.

At the same time my marriage of 11 years was falling apart, which ultimately ended in divorce. I had no choice but to take an assessment of what I valued as a person, and what was actually playing out in my life. I realized that by watching my father die, it gave me the courage to take the next steps to begin to live life on my terms, based strictly on what I valued. I was willing to risk whatever came next to walk away from an unsatisfying identity and reclaim my power. 

Then one day I was at a high school speaking about my career on camera when I noticed an inquisitive girl asking questions throughout my presentation. She was fully engaged, leaning in on every word I was saying. There was something about her that spoke to me. I felt compelled in the moment to tell her she was special. The comment seemed insignificant, however it would prove to change my life trajectory again.

I made the difficult decision to leave my job at the network. On my last day I received a letter from the high school where I presented. Inside the envelope was a letter from the young lady I had complimented. It said that on the day of my presentation she had planned to attempt suicide, and that when I told her she was special it made her change her mind. She felt that if someone with my life experience saw something of value in her, that she had a life worth living. That sparked a fire in me. I realized that all women deserve to feel special and I wanted to bring encouragement to all women. 

Within one year I buried my father, left my comfortable life, my career, and my divorce behind me. I chose to move cross-country to pursue my freedom, find my own voice and be confident enough to use it. That took me on a journey into my purpose, which gave me more confidence, a mission-based career, and the chance to start a new life.

I started teaching women how they can do the same: I watched their personal empowerment grow and their confidence build to a place where they started living the life they know they should be. I made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping guide and coach other women toward personal empowerment on their own terms. It doesn’t matter how you envision your life, what your goals are or what has stood in your way in the past. Until you are fueled by your own empowerment, what you want will always remain just out of reach. I help women stop leaving life to chance and boldly make a choice - and it all starts with your empowerment.

Since then, I’ve worked with women, spoken in front of countless groups: I live my purpose, helping empower other women to live a bold life confidently and on their terms; and I have created the Good Girl Mafia™ Empowerment Bootcamp, a six-week, step-by-step system to define your version of an empowered life and live it.

What's next?

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