E2, The Empowerment Ecosystem: 360° of Empowerment to Unleash Your True Potential and Embark on Your Authentic Path

Join us Saturday August 19th, 2023

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and real empowerment? If so, start here: forget everything you’ve been told about female empowerment. Nobody even knows what empowerment means anymore. It isn't the co-opted, branded, packaged and sold version of empowerment. At E2, we are going to experience real empowerment in women and amongst women.

At E2, you will experience a 360° approach to empowerment that will change everything. This is where you get to decide what an empowered life means to you and are given the tools to make it a reality. All areas of your life need to be fully empowered for you to truly live your most powerful, happiest, fulfilled and authentic expression. E2 delivers the tools you need to accelerate your empowerment journey, break through barriers, support personal growth, professional growth, inner growth and well-being all under one roof. Surround yourself with like-minded women, spark meaningful connections and leave knowing you’re now part of a tribe of women who support other women. A tribe of empowered women.

Join us at E2 and let's embrace our potential, empower one another, and rise together to thrive in every aspect of life. Take the first step towards building a future filled with ease, purpose and fulfillment. Keep scrolling for more details.

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Should you attend?

YES! The E2 Empowerment Experience is designed for visionary women who believe they deserve more in life. This exclusive, fully immersive event offers a curated group of diverse and highly specialized experts, providing coaching and empowerment across all areas of life. E2 recognizes that modern-day women are pressed for time and don't have the luxury to search for different experts in their personal development journey. That's why E2 brings together all the necessary resources under one roof, delivering an elevated experience that has raised the bar in the Personal Development Industry.

E2's mission is to redefine empowerment, acknowledging its diversity and complexity. By taking a 360° approach to empowerment, E2 enables women to overcome disempowered aspects of themselves and embrace the life they know they are meant to lead. Real empowerment encompasses awareness, fulfillment, thriving, and happiness—it is about becoming the best version of oneself. At E2, women come together to support each other, building a global community where empowering one another is not just a catchy phrase but the norm.

The E2 Empowerment Experience is for women of all ages and backgrounds who are ready to embrace their inner power, break through barriers, and foster a life of authenticity and fulfillment. Whether you're an aspiring leader, an entrepreneur, or someone driven to make a positive impact in the world, this event is tailored to empower and uplift you on your unique journey. Join us at E2 and discover the transformative power of embracing your full potential.

E2: We Are The Future of Empowerment

Event Highlights

Inspirational Keynote Speakers:
Our esteemed lineup of motivational speakers will share their empowering stories, insights, and strategies to overcome challenges and unlock personal growth.

Interactive Workshops:

Engage in thought-provoking workshops designed to enhance self-awareness, boost confidence, and develop essential skills to excel in both personal and professional domains. You will leave E2 with actionable insights that you can implement in all areas of your life immediately.

Networking & Relationship Building Opportunities:

Connect with like-minded women, form valuable connections, and build a strong support network to fuel your aspirations beyond the event while enjoying cocktails overlooking The Atlantic.
VIP Experience: this is a luxury empowering and unforgettable experience to allow you to indulge and embrace embodiment, dedicated to you from beginning to sun down.

Meet Our Expert Keynote Speakers

Dafne Evangelista, GGM Founder Diana Perkovic, GiGi Diaz, Jacq Dowling

VIP Experience Ticket

Join us at E2 and let's embrace our potential, empower one another, and rise together to thrive in every aspect of life. Take the first step towards a brighter future, and let this event be the catalyst for your personal and professional growth.

Included in your ticket, you will receive a full 5 star elevated experience catered to ignite your senses and you will embody your highest self. You can expect red carpet treatment, complimentary eats by Nobu's award winning menus, open bar with rooftop sunset overlooking Atlantic ocean, DJ and photo ops, cosmetic pampering by team Peechy Group, creative activities, and you will go home with a swag bag full of luxury goodies.

Secure your spot now and be part of this life-changing experience. Tickets are available for purchase online through our ticket site HERE. Don't miss this chance to invest in your growth and elevate your empowered life to new heights!

I've been there. Based on my personal experience, I believe that every woman needs and deserves to be encouraged on her road to empowerment." ~Diana Perkovic

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