Good Girl Mafia x POPSUGAR

Written by Diana Perkovic


Posted on February 27 2020

February marks The Self-Love Issue here at Good Girl Mafia.  

Self-love is something we need to be vigilant about because no one else can do it for us. 

Insert the GGM #SelfLoveChallenge.  What self-love ritual did you commit to?  I committed to a month of scheduling fitness into my Monday-Friday calendar.  As suspected, I feel great, I'm more focused, sleeping better and I'm just a better person.  This month has reminded me of how empowered fitness makes me feel.

It's amazing how great we feel when we work out.  Even more amazing to me, is how easy it is to fall off the fitness wagon.  

I want to set myself up to keep the empowered vibes going!  That's where POPSUGAR comes in.  I'm so excited to be attending POPSUGAR's Grounded Fitness Event on Saturday March 7th at Goya Studios in Los Angeles to kick off International Women's Day.  And, I want you to join me.

Filled with positivity, Grounded is an event catered to those of us who need to recharge both mentally and physically to power ourselves toward our goals.  There will be wellness activities throughout the day such as electric workouts, self-care workshops and inspirational panels that I have a feeling will leave me primed to tackle life and reach my goals.

Some of the fitness experts in attendance will be:


Karena Dawn & Katrina Scott of "Tone it Up" 


    LIT Method with Taylor and Justin Norris (I've been dying to try LIT!)


      Deja Riley

         Jake Dupree


        Can you see why I'm pumped?

        Good Girl Mafia will be there, cameras in tow, to take you behind the scenes and bring you all the sights and sounds if you're not in LA.

        But, if you are in LA, come join us and get Grounded!

        Tickets are $25 for either the morning or afternoon sessions or $40 for the entire day.  Grab a friend and get Grounded.  Click here for your tickets.

        I can't wait to meet POPSUGAR's Grounded Experts to learn exciting new ways of setting and achieving my wellness goals.  Just because February is over that doesn't mean that our #SelfLoveChallenge shouldn't continue.  Remember, no one else can self-love for us - it's a solo job.  

        See you next Saturday!




        (I've been DYING to try LIT!)



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