March into Madness with Good Girl Mafia

Written by Diana Perkovic


Posted on March 03 2020


Good Girl Mafia's definition of madness: "Going for it and doing so unabashedly."

The natural question is: "What are you willing to risk?"

I think for most of us, we risk failure, making a fool of ourselves, risk our comfort zones, or generally we just worrying about what others will think.  The last point is a universal concern.  Worrying about what others think is a very real thing.  

 According to Michael J. Formica MS, MA, EdM in Psychology Today,

“One of our more enduring social fallacies is the idea that what others think of us actually matters. While this notion clearly has primal evolutionary roots, its shift from survival instinct to social imperative has become one of our greatest obstacles to self-acceptance.”  

My passion and purpose is to serve up encouragement, empowerment and entertainment to women worldwide.  GGM goes to where women are.  To that end, this month, Good Girl Mafia takes on TikTok.  And if you know anything about TikTok, you know that in order to be an effective TikToker, you have to go there.  And I mean really go there.  Some of you are about to see a side of Diana you never knew existed!  I am dancing, lip syncing, and so much more, all in the name of encouragement and empowerment.  The risk I'm taking?  Facing the opinions of others.  On that note: I think I really live up to the “Entertainment” part of the GGM Mission Statement.  Click here to follow the new Good Girl Mafia TikTok Page - videos will start in just a few short days.

Are you prepared to take on one of the biggest and universal road blocks - what others think of us?  Are you prepared to March into Madness with Good Girl Mafia this month and take a step toward something your inner voice likes to whisper to you from time to time?

Accept the challenge.  Risk your comfort zone, others opinion of you, your opinion of yourself and just go for it.  Risks big or small are all valuable and welcome.  



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