My Top Five Tips on How to Let Go

Written by Diana Perkovic


Posted on January 30 2020

Written by Michele Delory, Certified KonMari Consultant and Minimalist

As a Certified KonMari Consultant, and as a minimalist, I combine both approaches to the way I live.  Minimalism and The KonMari Method has really helped me on how to let go of things and simplify my home to create the life that I really want.

Here are my Top 5 Tips on How to Let Go:

  1. First and foremost change your mindset and start to live with intention. Think about only doing and having things that bring long term happiness as opposed to temporary, like having more experiences than things.  People tend to go shopping to bring themselves joy, but it doesn’t last.  The items purchased go forgotten or even remain in bags with tags without even being worn.  When you live mindfully, you will start to change the way you do things and take control of what you bring into your home and your spending.  I would rather save my money to travel than to buy more things.
  2. Create a wardrobe filled with only things that spark joy (that you love), that fit well and made with quality. You will have an edited closet with items that last longer, so it will be easier getting ready every day without having to take too long to decide what to wear.  You will also save more money on clothing, shoes, accessories etc...when you just use what you already have and appreciate your things. Do you really need another black dress?
  3. Let go of what is not serving you for who you are TODAY.  We tend to hold on to things that were a part of our past, and as we grow we are changing in so many ways when it comes to what we choose to value in our lives.  What items are adding value to your life for the person you are now?  Think about how everything in your home is adding value (and joy of course) to your life, and if it isn’t it's time to thank it and let it go so it will serve someone better.
  4. Start letting go of the guilt.  We all have reasons behind why we can’t let go of things, and usually it’s the guilt we have when it comes to what was spent on things or any sentimental reasons.  Don’t feel bad about the money you worked hard for to buy these items, these things have served you in your life already and it’s ok to let go.  If you received a gift from someone, and that thing doesn't bring you joy, it’s ok to let it go because there is no point in holding on to the guilt and keep things to please someone else.
  5. Invest your time to gain more time.  When you commit the time to making a change in your home to simplify things and live with joy, you will start to see a change in your environment and your mind.  By making the effort to give more time to go through your things, and you will start to have more time to do the things that really matter.  No more wasted time doing the purge little by little, do it in one big go and you never have to do it again.

These are just a few of the things you can do to get started with letting go and living more consciously and with intention.  You will start to manifest more important things in life that truly matter.  Start your journey today towards living with less and watch all the things that you will gain in the life that you truly deserve.

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Michele Delory is the owner of Modern & Minimalist. She is a Professional Organizer and a Certified KonMari Consultant based in Toronto, Canada.



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