Podcast, Part 1: What You Need to Leave Behind When Creating a 2020 Vision for Your Life

Written by Diana Perkovic


Posted on January 20 2020

This is Week 3 of GGM's month long series, Creating a 2020 Vision for your life in 2020.  This week, we're discussing the element of empowerment that I find no one addresses: What you need to leave behind.

GGM has the PERFECT guest to help us out: Michele Delory is the owner of Modern & Minimalist. She is a Professional Organizer and a Certified KonMari Consultant based in Toronto, Canada.  You can check out her website here.

My personal 2020 vision came about the hard way; death, divorce and leaving a really good job  as a national TV Host of over a decade.  As I moved through that very difficult time, one thing became certain: I was not agile or flexible because of all the “stuff” that was packed into every nook and cranny of my home.  I would get stressed out every time I entered a room because there was clutter everywhere and it was NOT how I wanted to live.  And so, I embarked on what turned out to be an emotional journey of letting all that “stuff go” - because it's not just stuff.  

Today you will learn:

  • Why we hold on to so much stuff 
  • The hidden ways our unorganized environments are effecting us
  • How to manage emotions as we purge and SO much more

Click here to listen to Part 1 with Michele now and start transforming your life today.

I know how much letting go has given me and I want the process to be easier for you!  Michele is an authority that GGM is proud to share with you.

Next week: The nuts & bolts of purging - the actual "how to".  Stay tuned!

And if you haven't downloaded GGM's Free Core Values Worksheet, it is ground zero for your personal and empowered 2020 Life Vision.  Click here to start creating your 2020 Vision today.





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