I took to the stage Grammy night. This is what it was like......

Written by Diana Perkovic


Posted on February 28 2019

By Miesha Moore, Professional Dancer

That day I sat quietly in front of a rolling Hollywood vanity mirror in the dressing area designated for Janelle Monáe dancers.

I was sitting in a director’s chair reading a book while listening to brainwave music.

I felt this eerie calm feeling that always comes over me before a stage performance.

Performing on stage is something that I was bred to do from I’m very young age. My mom was a dancer and she managed a concert dance company while I was growing up where I started performing tender age of 5 years old.  That's me on the left.


I continued performing on stage through middle and high school as I attended an Arts school in my home town.  I went on to perform in college where I majored in dance at LMU.  And now I perform for a living with artist such as J.Lo, Rihanna, of course Janelle Monae and many more.

So, it’s safe to say that I always knew that I would have a career as a performer. My original path was to study at a conservatory and then go to New York and work with a prestigious dance company like Ailey, Complexions or Bill T Jones.

But that took a turn once I had learned that there was an entire industry of dancers working in TV, Commercials and with Artists. Sounds exciting right?  It has it’s moments.

I’ve now lived in Los Angeles for over 10 years and in the majority of that time I have gone through ups and downs in my career as a professional commercial dancer.

I’ve been booked on dream jobs only to be released shortly after.  I’ve been discounted from dream jobs because of the way I look.  Also, I’ve had a hard time connecting with my peers, which in my industry, can affect the jobs you book.  

I’ve gone through countless dry spells where I had to hustle for minimum wage jobs or random waiting/events that were flexible enough for my unpredictable audition schedule.

Because of these ups and downs sometimes it’s hard to realize that I have accomplished so much since I came to Los Angeles to follow my dreams.  My career has also opened my eyes to bigger and better things I’m just as confident are in store for me.  

My quiet, calm, vibes contrasted sharply with the beautiful chaos that surrounded me. Backstage, there was stressed Hair and Styling team, the dancers/choreographer/creative director’s anxiety and excitement, mingling with dancers from other performances and a slew of celebrities being guided back and forth to stage dressing rooms and the audience less than a couple of feet away. Casually passing the likes of Jade Pinkett, Michelle Obama and Cardi B on my way to the bathroom the excitement started buzzing through tour my body. 

Tonight was a little different from other jobs that I’ve worked because I would not only be performing in front of the artist fans but also their peers and people who have contributed to their success.  Tonight was going to be very special.  Though we had a grueling rehearsal process, including 12 eight-hour days leading up which definitely tested my mind power I was excited and happy to be there. 


So I got my hair did, beat my face, and put on my vagina pants.  We prayed backstage and got into our places.  The music came on as I waited for my que, I settled into the vibration of pure magic that field all the empty space in the staple center.  I stepped out with the confidence of my years of stage performance experience and my body just kind of did the rest.  I had a clear view of the audience in their pure entertainment enjoy radiated.  This is the moment and I most enjoy because it is so simple and pure and light.  I walked off stage down the steps as I could hear in the audience cheering their faces off.  

My job was done, and I was satisfied. 

You may not always know where your dreams are going to take you and it might definitely be a bumpy ride.

But enjoy the highs whenever they come.




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