Little Girl You're in the Middle

Written by Diana Perkovic


Posted on April 09 2018

Can you imagine had that song been recorded as a ballad? It would be sad.

Maybe even heartbreaking.

I love that it was recorded in such fast, upbeat way. It feels a little wild. Untamed. The song leaves you breathless for it speaks to something that can run pretty deep. I am. I really could be. I would love to be. I will be. Little girl in the middle. Some of you will use brute force to go back to where you came from “I am.” Having to face the “how” of navigating uncertain waters do not guarantee you’ll get to the “I will be.” You teeter between who you are right now and the “I really could be.” Maybe the most difficult place to find yourself stuck is between “I really could be” and “I would love to be.” You know you are meant to live a more fulfilling life – and you are capable of it. But you are also fine with leaving the “I am,” behind. For whatever reason, you can’t pull the trigger. Navigating and negotiating the dynamics in your mind is hard enough. Enacting the changes seems almost impossible. If you find yourself stuck between “I would love to be,” and “I will be,” I have got some news for you: There is no going back. You’ve pulled the million triggers, things are in motion and there is really nowhere to go but upward and onward. Up to this point, you’ve been able to predict how certain decisions would unfold with uncanny accuracy. You knew the players and the game. But this is a new game … with new players and new rules. New to all of it, you’re probably scared on some level that it’s not going to play out the way you hoped. Regardless of where you are on the spectrum, you will have ups and downs. You might hit a wall going 90 mph. You could suddenly implode in a hot second. You could screw up one of your steps so badly that you just beat yourself up in a way no one else could. You could take procrastination to an entirely different level. I don’t know your personal journey. I don’t know your, “I am,” or “I really could be,” or “I would love to be,” or “I will be.” What I do know is how difficult each space is to navigate. I also know the many layers of armor you will have to shed, how much you will have to change, how many mistakes you will need to make along the way and how riddled you will be of self-doubt. What I am also certain of: You wouldn’t still be reading this if that your inner voice had shut up like you told it to a million times. I am also beyond positively certain your voice is never wrong; you should listen to her. As I write this, I’m looking for the perfectly well-written ending that will give you the right answers!! If I had a magic wand, ladies, I’d use it! Believe me, I would!! The only fairy dust I do have is the dust of validation. Where you are right now is the perfect place, offering you a little more sidewalk up ahead to take just a few more steps. That’s all you have to do right now.

Because it just takes some time, little girl you're in the middle of the ride….



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