Has Your New Beginning Glow Faded into the Reality of Executing Your New Beginning?

Written by Diana Perkovic


Posted on October 30 2019

Mine was definitely headed in that direction.  Moving past the start of new beginning and into the thick of executing the new beginning was becoming a thing.


We romanticize new beginnings. The prospect of what can be is exciting!  After some time, the new beginning glow begins to fade into the reality of execution.  I believe it’s because of all of the new things one must learn to continue along the new beginning path.  Ushering in a new beginning also means being new, a neophyte, newbie, at some things.  Or maybe everything.  That's the tricky part.

2019 has been a year filled with ‘new’ for me.  

Had someone had told me I would learn about a half dozen new computer programs this year, among a myriad of other things, I would have laughed.  Same goes for all of the new systems I have put in place in this new beginning as a female entrepreneur.  There is no call time, “that’s a wrap” time, no outside structure I must adhere to.  If you’re on a new path, I’m sure you can relate.  Being a beginner is one thing, living the life of the beginner is an entirely different beast.

It’s easy to get discouraged, then distracted and then finally, down on yourself.  Leave me to my own devices, I will remedy all of this with an attitude of, "well, I’ll just do more".  Add more to the list.  Add more hours to my day.  Just more.

As 2019 closes out, I want to share some of the ways I have managed to balance the intricacies of moving past the start of a new beginning and into the thick of executing the new beginning.


  1. ENVIRONMENT - I moved into a new place this year.  It brought the inevitable ‘moving purge’.  I sorted, tossed and donated my life away!  Being in a space surrounded by the things I actually love and use has had a massive impact on my mindset.  I don’t think we’re aware of how much time we spend looking for things that we need amongst a pile of things we no longer use.  If there’s one thing I suggest above all else, get your environment in order.  It will change your life.

  2. MOVEMENT - I have had a life long love affair with Pilates.  From the time I gave up ballet, I began pilates and never looked back.  It keeps my herniated disc in check, my computer bound body stretched, and my mind more at ease.  I found a studio walking distance from my new place and the 15 minute walk there and back makes me feel at peace.  These sessions also add a little extra structure to my life, which I love.  It forces me to get off the computer and leave GGM behind for an hour.  Start small, maybe take a walk once or twice a week and build from there.  Regular mental and physical breaks can give you the fresh perspective you need when single-mindedly working on your new beginning - whatever that may be.

  3. LISTS - Before you say, “Diana, I have a list as long as a freeway”, let me say, I hear you!  I have changed my list structure in the back half of this year and it has changed everything.  I structure daily lists in this way:  I being with writing down three things I am grateful for on this day.  If you’re not into the pages long gratitude thing, I get it.  I have found starting the daily list with gratitude has actually made me feel more at ease with the act of writing the list.  I then move on to the “Must Get Done” portion of the to-do list.  I try to limit this to three things.  I then move into the “Overflow List”.  I take the Must Get Done portion of my list first and move into Overflow.  If overflow gets done, I feel awesome!  If I can only tackle the Must Get Done in a day, I still feel pretty darn good knowing I prioritized and got it done.  If you find your to-do list stress inducing, try this method.

  4. I REMIND MYSELF - there was a time I would have KILLED to be here!  The very place I am at this very moment.  This is the one that really snaps me out of it.  There was a time when I could only dream of building this community for women.  I could only dream of being able to regularly schedule the time to mentor youth once a week.  I could only dream of doing my thing in front of a camera, producing the type of content I really wanted to put out there.  I could only dream of having a supportive tribe to call my own. Next time you get caught up in the impatience of it all, remember the days you used to dream of this very space you are lamenting.

There's something to be said about a woman who is willing to take the risk and move into the unknown.  I salute you.  I respect you.  I honor your decision.  While it isn't easy, it is worthwhile.  My hope is that you can incorporate ways to help you stay the course.  Drop a comment and add to the list.  I would love to know what works for you!





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    Beautiful message and a wonderful reminder to all of those who seek to build their dreams!! ☺️


    Posted by Michael | October 30, 2019
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