Three Questions for Diana from the Live Aligned Event Stage

Written by Diana Perkovic


Posted on April 23 2018

This past Friday, April 20th, I spoke on the final day of the Live Aligned Live Event at the Pechanga Resort in Temecula, California.

The first half of the event was all about letting go. The second half was about hitting the restart button in a meaningful way.  The space between 'this is who I was' and 'this is who I am going to be' can be daunting, messy, and raw. That's my department. I was supposed to speak for about 40-50 minutes.  It lasted for over and hour and a half.  The extra time wasn't gratuitous, it was in response to what was going on with the audience.  These women showed up and leaned in.  I saw so much courage in that room.  They were ready for change. It was such a powerful morning, and I wanted to share with you the questions that were asked of me during my time on stage. Maybe one of the question will resonate with you.
  1. How do you let go of the outcome?  I have a system that I use for my on-line workshops. Part of that system is encouraging people to let go of a situation's potential outcome.  It's actually an integral part of my system.  The concept can be difficult to put into practice because it seems to run contradictory when setting out on a mission of change and you have a particular destination in mind that defines 'change complete'.  Sprinkle in part one of the system, which is about determining where you are and where you really want to go. So, I keep a bird's eye view on an individuals progress in relation to where we're headed so that they can let go of the outcome.  Leaving room for unexpected developments and 'happy accidents' is part of the process.
  2. How did I know it was time to walk away from a long term relationship?  I am always very careful when answering this question because I don't want to sway someone one way or another.  But I always speak my truth, which is to say, I just knew.  I knew I did everything in my power to make the relationship work.  And when I exhausted all avenues, I knew it was time to let go.  I listened to my inner guidance system; that voice is never wrong.  Listen to yours.
  3. The final question was a comment about the importance of listening to your inner voice.                    I still shake my head when I think back to how often I didn't listen!  And why?  The answer is very simple: how.  My inner voice was urging me to do things that seemed so outlandish, that I couldn't possibly see how any of it could be executed.  I've learned that listening is so important.  Perhaps even more important, is letting go of the need to have any assurance that things will be okay.  Listen.  Let go.  The how will find you.  And you will be okay.  And finally, there was one more question, but it deserves its own post.  It's that important.  You will find in your email next Monday.
Speaking to a live audience is one of my favorite things to do. Speaking to audience members after getting off stage is one of the most rewarding things I get to do. It is a reminder that we all have sore spots, blind spots, and insecurities.  We all struggle!

What I loved most about each of the women I met is that they are willing to struggle out loud for the very best cause: Themselves.



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