What's Your Self-Love Language?

Written by Diana Perkovic


Posted on February 05 2020

This month Good Girl Mafia is doing a Self-Love Challenge based on our personal self-love language.  Don't know your self-love language?

We've all heard about Gary Chapman's book "The Five Love Languages:
How to Express Heartfelt commitment to Your Mate"

What if we took those five love languages and applied them to make a heartfelt commitment to ourselves?  What kind of self love works for you?  

Here are the five love languages to choose from:

  1. Words of Affirmation:  Do you speak self love to yourself?
  2. Acts of Service:  Do you act in a self loving way?
  3. Receiving Gifts:  Do you give yourself self love that you can absorb?
  4. Quality Time:  Do you carve out time to be present in self love?
  5. Physical Touch:  Do you feel self love?

I've chosen a combo of Acts of Service and Quality Time for my Self-Love Challenge.  I've decided to add a workout of some sort into my Monday-Friday busy work schedule.  I've chosen fitness because I have found that I have more clarity and concentration on the days I work out.  I've also come to understand that I am just happier when I work out and that makes me a better person overall.

A new 2-part podcast series starts Monday with a friend of GGM who is the perfect guest to help us break down self love and make it a priority.  I've said that this month "it's time to get personal" and we totally go there on the podcast.  See you Monday!



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