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Good Girl Mafia Holiday Gift Guide Pick: Sand Sisters LA Girl Powerful Journal

Written by Diana Perkovic


Posted on December 16 2019

It's the final week of The Good Girl Mafia's Holiday Gift Guide!  I'm proud to feature Sand Sisters LA's Girl Powerful Journal.  It is designed to bring Sand Sisters tools to you.  

It will help develop the tools to build a strong sense of self through socio-emotional learning.  It helps prioritize a balanced life for tween girls and increase their academic performance, social well-being, and build positive self-esteem. The SEL tools are an influence on each girl’s individual foundation that will carry them into a thriving and balanced adulthood. Listen to the podcast by clicking the link below.

Give the gift of empowerment to the next generation with the Good Girl Mafia Gift Guide x Sand Sisters LA Girl Powerful Journal.

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