May Motivation: But first, know yourself

Written by Diana Perkovic


Posted on May 03 2019

Motivation is a tricky thing. 

If we were all fully fueled with motivation, we'd all be exactly where we want to be, living our best lives.  While ups and downs are a part of life, motivation can transcend it all.  We're not talking about running at 100 at all times.  At Good Girl Mafia, we are taking a realistic approach.  We want you to take time out and acknowledge life's inevitable rough patches. There are times in life when we need to rest.  And when you're ready to get back up, you will need your fuel: motivation.

We are breaking down motivation all month long with articles, social media posts and our podcast. We will focus heavily on mindset and habits because we believe those are the areas where lasting motivation begins.

So, how do we harness it?  First, know yourself. This is ground zero for motivation.  If motivation has proven to be elusive in the past, this time it will be different.  Here are five questions to ask yourself to have lasting motivation.

1. What gets me going?  Take 5 minutes to brainstorm.  Grab a pen, a notepad, some coffee and just start writing.  Write down all of the things that excite you.  Don't stop until you've listed everything that lights a fire under you, makes you smile and brings you joy.

2. What are my motivation killers?  Take another few minutes to write down all of the things that have gotten in the way of your consistency in the past. Seeing it in black and white can have a profound effect on your motivation because you'll most certainly begin to see a pattern.  This will also provide you with a guide.  If you start to get off track, which is what humans do, you will catch it much sooner than before.

3. Is my daily routine helping me achieve my goal?  Look at the way you live a very typical day.  How do you sleep?  Do you wake up feeling energized? Do you have energy throughout the day?  Can you find your keys?  Do you have time for rest?  If your typical day is chaotic, this will take a tole on your motivation.

4. What do you say to yourself? Self-talk is one of the biggest motivation killers. What do you say when you're talking to yourself?What do you say when you're speaking under your breath?  What are the phrases that you say so often, they're on auto-pilot? Commit to two days of being completely aware of each thing you say to yourself.  Write them down.  You might be surprised by what you learn. Are you encouraging and empowering yourself?  Or, are you joining the chorus of negativity?

5. What do you really want and why?  You need to take time to search for 'why' to your 'what'. Your 'what' needs to be clearly defined.  Your 'why' will show up via your core values. It will be your guidance system along your journey.


Next week's "Monday Moment in 5" podcast will be a step-by-step guide to determine your core values. Here's a link to last week's podcast, Part 1,  if you missed it.  It's only 8 minutes long...

Motivation takes a little preparation.  And your change that you have been contemplating is worth it.  You are worth it. It's time to find solid and lasting motivation.




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