Three Reasons Why Rest is Vital for Motivation

Written by Diana Perkovic


Posted on May 23 2019

We cannot over-emphasize the importance of rest when it comes to your long term goals.

So much to do, so little time.  As women, we all suffer from a time-famine.  If our chosen goal was the only thing we had to focus on, we'd still need rest.  Throw in work, kids, school, cleaning the house, doing the groceries, and the list goes on, how do we find time to rest?

I could tell you to make it a priority, but my response to that one has always been an eye roll.  It's so easy to say, but I have always left it at the very bottom of the never-ending-list.  It wasn't until I personally experienced why it is so important that things began to change.

I have boundless energy and have found that I find energy reserves even when I am bone tired.  I can literally push through anything.  And that became a problem. It wasn't until I experienced burn out that I realized I was all motivation, all of the time.  It was unsustainable.  And I want to reach my goals, so a little rest goes a long way.  As I've discussed earlier this month in the "Monday Moment in 5 Podcast", finding your why is so important in sustaining your motivation.  That why also applies to rest.  

Here are 3 reasons why you need to stop and rest to sustain your motivation.

  1. Mindset:  Making changes in your life requires patience.  If "the day you plant the seed isn't the day it grows" is true, and it is, keeping a positive outlook is paramount.  Nothing can blow your progress faster than getting caught up in watching the very spot you planted that seed and starting to doubt that it will ever grow.  Getting out of your home, office, surroundings and giving your mind a break from it all will recharge your mental batteries better than leaning in and doing even more.

  2. Physical Energy:  Focusing on your goal around the clock can also zap your physical energy.  As I write this now, I am sitting on my couch with my dog cozied up next to me.  But before I did that, I forced myself to the gym for a simple half hour on the treadmill.  Full disclosure?  I didn't want to go.  I wanted to hit the ground running this morning.  I had to force myself to go.  Think of it like a burger and fries; I want the burger and fries, but I know I'm better off with a healthy salad.  Becoming overly-single-minded will have you neglecting yourself and ultimately, that will lead to your energy levels going way down.  Energy and motivation go hand-in-hand.

  3. New Information:  Taking time out to get out will have you broadening the vistas of your views.  Getting out and being in other surroundings, around other people, will inevitably bring you more information to help you along.  I have learned to go out with the intention of opening my mind to new inspiration. You'll be amazed how many times you find precisely what you're looking for.

Take time out in order to change your mindset, increase your physical energy and find some new information that inspires.  So go ahead, rest.




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